NetHack with HTML dump support

This patch adds HTML dump feature to NetHack / NetHack brass / JNetHack / JSLASH'EM
You can dump game screen(map), hero's stats and game-over screen.

This patch is originally written by So-Miya.

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In both cases, You are prompted for the output file name.

"disclose" option

There is extra possibility 'h' with "disclose" option.

Like as other possibilities, 'h' can optionally be preceded by one of 'y','n', '+', '-'.

dump end-game stats.

Example: OPTIONS=disclose:+i +a -v yg yc yh

"dump_autohtml" option

You can specify a external Cascading Style-Sheet(CSS) file with "dump_autohtml" option.

example: OPTIONS=dump_css:default.css

(Default: none (it means using inner CSS))

"dump_autoname" option

If you specify dump_autoname option, NetHack make filenames automatically.
The file name is:

Windows port: [user name]-[player name]???.html
Unix port: [user id]-[player name]???.html

??? is a number '000' through '999'. The least one not overlapping exist file name is used. When all '000' through '999' is used, NH prompts you for inputting file name.
It is uncertain whether this feature works correctly other than MS-Windows and Unices.

example: OPTIONS=dump_autohtml


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